Traditional Sewing

At Grays we are passionate about what we do.

There are so many facets of traditional sewing and we at Grays excite your designs producing all the following:

  • Side singer sewing
    - A line of thread run along the side of a book block. Can be different colours front and back. Used for text up to 3mm thick for extra strength or decoration.
  • Section sewing
    - One section placed on top of another and sewn together by machine.
  • Three hole sewing
    - Sewing through the spine of a brochure in a figure of eight. The knot can be inside or out. Used for menus and thinner brochures.
  • Saddle singer sewing
    - A line of thread run along the centre of a folded booklet. Can be different colours inside and out. Avoids the need for wire stitches. Suitable up to 3mm thick. Used for thin property brochures, childrens books.
  • Frame sewing
    - Sewing through sections, often with a tape for extra strength. Used for one off books, registers and journals.

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